EDSA “Kiki Girl” Apologizes In Public: “Hindi naman po kami masasamang tao.”

A few days ago, netizens were enraged at a woman who went down the car of her friend and danced in the middle of EDSA, as seen on a viral video that they posted.


After their video went viral, netizens became enraged. One of those who was able to watch the video was the MMDA.

In the video, the woman went down the car and danced in the middle of EDSA, making the already slow traffic even slower.

It was then reported that the MMDA was looking for the woman in the video and that the driver also has violations and should pay a fine.

Public Apology

Today, the woman in the video went to GMA News to ask that they accompany her to MMDA to issue a public apology for what she and her friends did.

Upon the request of MMDA Spokesperson Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago, the identity of the woman was hidden, to protect her.

“Gusto ko lang po humingi ng paumanhin sa mga naabalang motorista noong ako po ay bumaba ng sasakyan ng aking kaibigan para sa ‘In My Feelings’ challenge. Ako po at ang aking mga kaibigan ay handang bayaran ang mga violation na dapat po naming bayaran.”

She also added that they hope that this public apology can bring calmness to the issue.

“Umaasa po kami na ang public apology ko po ay makakatulong para po humupa po ang issue na ito. Hindi naman po kami masasamang tao. Thank you and I’m very sorry.”

Apology Accepted

MMDA Asec Pialago said that the apology is accepted but we have to think about our actions always.
“Pag-isipan po natin ng higit pa sa doble, lahat po ng bagay na gagawin natin.”

Viral senseless trend

Social media has been full of trends and challenges that teens and adults are doing just for the sake of getting likes and going viral.

However, there are times that these challenges become absurd and dangerous to the person doing it and the person around them.

The “In My Feelings” challenge became a thing these last few months and there have been a lot of people caught doing it.

In the challenge, the person will go down a moving car while the driver takes a video of the dancing person.

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