Duterte Lashed Out At US: Don’t Stop Us From Buying Russian Submarines

In a Speech held in Davao yesterday, Pres. Duterte slammed the US for discouraging the Philippines from buying Russian submarines.

Why Not?

The chief executive explained that while our neighboring countries have their own fleet of submarines, he is wondering why the US is stopping the country from buying when they did not stop the others. Currently, Vietnam has 7, Indonesia has 8, and Malaysia has 2.

We have none.

‘Who are you to stop us?” the president exclaimed.

Let’s Meet And Talk

A day before his speech, Randall Schriver, the US asst. Secretary of defense for the Pan Pacific affairs, warned the Philippine government to “think carefully” before buying submarines made in Russia.

Duterte replied that the US government should seek an audience with him, in a forum maybe, and explain the rationale on why we shouldn’t purchase any submarines from Russia.

Duterte even asked, “Do you want us to remain backwards?”

Defective Choppers

The outspoken president also revealed that he doesn’t want to purchase submarines from the US because he already gave them a chance when the government bought 6 choppers from the US military.

The choppers turned out to be defective and 3 of them have already crashed, killing several members of the Air Force in the process.

Duterte asked the US if that is the way they treat their allies.

Assassination Plot

The president added that he has heard rumors that the CIA has been plotting for his assassination, but he is not afraid.

“Go ahead, be my guest. With or without me, the country will stay as it is”.

He also joked that if ever his helicopter exploded, we know who to blame for it.

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