Duterte Blames Corruption For Pulling Down Philippines

In an interview with the press last Saturday, President Rodrigo Duterte stressed the importance of fighting corruption since it is the reason that keeps the country from going forward.

Stumbling Block To Progress

In a post by Duterte Kami in their official Facebook page, the video shows the president having a casual conversation with reporters on the importance of law and order in the progress of the country.
Duterte explained that unless we get rid of corruption in the government, we will not succeed in our goal of economic progress. He predicted that it may take 10 to 15 years before we realize the economic advancement that we aim for because of the absence of natural resources like oil so we Filipinos should compensate by doubling our efforts.

A Big Improvement

According to the foreign watchdog on graft, the corruption in the Philippines has dropped tremendously when President Duterte took to office. Systems and processes have become more transparent especially in government projects

Enforce The Law

The chief executive further stated that if we do not resolve the problem of corruption and law and order in our country, all our efforts will be futile. He defended his war on drugs anew as he said it is the only resort in order to rescue the country from the sorry state it is in.

Watch the video here:

The netizens in the comment section agree with the president and even said that the corrupt officials should not just be removed from their post.

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