Corrupt Traffic Enforcer Clueless On What Violation to Charge So He Made Up An Excuse Violation

Traffic jam is one of the biggest pproblemsin the country, reason why the government increased the number of traffic enforcers to somehow remedy the situation.

However, more and more traffic enforcers are found to be taking advantage of the drivers, asking for bribes in exchange for giving traffic tickets, and worst, wrongly accusing drivers of violations that they did not even commit.

Traffic Enforcer Or Inventor

Another corrupt traffic enforcer became famous for all the wrong reasons when the passenger of the vehicle he reprimanded secretly took a video while the enforcer is trying to fabricate a violation so that he can demand money from the hapless driver.

You’re Now Famous

On a video posted by netizen Aldean Aize Fernan Salamero Hidalgo on his Facebook account, we can clearly see that the driver knew beforehand that he will be cited for violation even if he did not do anything wrong, so when the enforcer approached him, he immediately asked the reason why he is being cited, to which the enforcer answered that he is driving with defective signal lights.

Wrong Move

The enforcer embarrassed himself and the whole MMDA for his dumb, and stupid reply. The driver went outside and showed the poor enforcer that his signal lights are working perfectly, but the corrupt traffic enforcer insist that his signal lights are not working, if only to save face and stamp his authority over the driver.

You can watch for yourself and be the judge.

Social Media Outburst

Netizens are quick to express their disgust over the actions of the corrupt traffic enforcer. His actions would tarnish the reputation of other clean and honest traffic enforcers who do their jobs and deal with motorists fairly and with integrity.

For all motorists out there, a piece of brotherly advice. Drive smartly and know your rights when it comes to road manners. It will come in handy when you get reprimanded by corrupt traffic enforcers.

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