Child’s Cruel Fate At The Hand Of Her Sadistic Stepmother Goes Viral

The victim’s aunt couldn’t suppress her anger when she posted this viral video of her niece being physically harmed and abused by the child’s stepmother. The trending Facebook post sparked public outrage.

Wicked Stepmother

On a Facebook post by netizen Ella Ni Justin, she berated her sister-in-law for the cruel maltreatment of her niece that caused severe damage on the child’s face, chest, and bones.

While these physical harm done to the child will heal in time, the traumatic experience would last forever.

Love For The Child

It’s somehow a consolation that the child has an aunt who loved her very much, to the point that she is willing to adopt the kid.

On the video, she was quoted as saying that once her niece is out of the hospital, she will be living with her aunt, to which the innocent child happily agreed.

Danger To Her Own Children

The fact that the stepmother is pregnant when she committed the unforgivable deed, is doubly scary.

There is a big possibility that she will repeat the atrocious action to her own child.

Public Outrage

There was an outrage of fiery comments directed to the cruel stepmother. Netizens lambasted her with curses and denounced her for being an evil stepmother.

Here are a few of the fiery statement that the netizens have to say.

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