Blind Girl With A Voice Of An Angel Captured The Hearts Of The Netizens

The netizens were captivated by the golden voice of a blind girl from a small fishing village in the Philippines.

The videos were originally posted by Darell Burnett and were reposted by Lovelyn Solleza Turgo.

Blind but incredibly talented

Elsie is blind and she has never been to school, she also never learned to speak English.
She has a gift of music and she listens to a song and learns it.

In the post, Elsie sang 4 songs, one video each for each song. The netizens couldn’t help but be amazed at how amazing her voice is.

The post

This is Elsie she is totally blind. She has never been to school, never learned English. She listens to songs and learns the song. She has one of the most Amazing voices I have ever heard. She lives in a small fishing village in the Philippines. (c) Darell Burnett

I Will Always Love You

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Just Give Me A Reason


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