Best Actor? Arnold Padilla’s BP Rose And Needed Medical Attention When His House Was Raided

Earlier, it was reported that Arnold Padilla, the man who went viral when he assaulted MMDA enforcers and called them “garbage” along with his wife and bodyguards, got raided today and arrested.

Two sides?

However, instead of the arrogant and almighty Padilla that hurt the enforcers in the viral video, a calm and meek Padilla faced them this morning.

In addition to being calm, it went a bit further when his blood pressure rose up and he required immediate medical attention.

Chest pains

Photos of Padilla being treated and lying down on the sofa was released by the media.

Atty. Raymond Fortun, Padilla’s lawyer, was present to give him legal support.

In a radio interview, Fortun explained that Padilla has already been complaining about chest pains.
“Umaangal siya na mayroon siyang paninikip ng dibdib.”

Illegal firearms

The raid that was conducted in his home earlier this morning resulted in him being arrested and charged with illegal possession of grenades and firearms.

His firearms license to carry was revoked last April when PNP received reports that he has been using it to intimidate people.

Padilla received many blotters from the residents of Brgy. Magallanes, a sign that the suspect loves intimidating people.

Fake drug test

It was also found out that the drug test that he submitted to the PNP was fake. A new test is planned to be conducted on him.

He is to be transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa for illegal possession of firearms.

Aside from illegal possession of firearms, Padilla is also facing charges of direct assault, physical injuries, unjust vexation, coercion, and threats.

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