Ben Tulfo Hits Mainstream Media: “I hate to say this but you guys are fake news.”

Ben Tulfo speaks up to the media about the supposed delivering of news media outlet of fake or misdirected news.

Senate inquiry

In the aftermath of the Senate Inquiry about the alleged P60-m fraud of the Department of Tourism ad for the Bitag Media where two of the Tulfo brothers are hosts, brothers Ben and Erwin Tulfo attended the inquiry to clear their names.

During the hearing, senators are giving allegations that just because the Tulfo brothers were related to the then head of the DOT, then that should be considered a conflict of interest.

However, during the inquiry, Erwin explained that he was just a staff of the Bitag Media and that being sisters with the department head of the DOT does not make him guilty.

Ben’s side

After the hearing, reporters and media cameras flocked around Ben Tulfo to get his side.

But instead of giving his side, he just went on and gave a sermon about the media being “magulo” and misdirected.

“Unang-una wala naman akong nakukuhang patas sa mga balita ninyo e,” Tulfo said.

He started by saying that the traditional and mainstream media are actually the ones giving out fake news because of their “angled” reports.

“I hate to say this but you guys are fake news,” he added.

In his opinion, he already stated his side, and since the hearing will end up in court, then he doesn’t see the point in answering to the media.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

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