Ben Tulfo Dared Trillanes In The Senate Hearing: “Look me in the eye now, say it to my face.”

Recently, Ben Tulfo released a threat in his YouTube channel targeted at Senator Antonio Trillanes, daring him to face him in a warehouse fight for saying that the Tulfo brothers stole money from Philippine’s tourism project.

Tourism funds

Wanda Teo, the sister of the Tulfo brothers was once the tourism secretary. During that time, it was alleged that there was a P60-million placement of tourism ads on a television show that Ben and his brother Erwin Tulfo hosts.

This according to Trillanes was stolen by the Tulfo brother. He said it in an interview with GMA news.

Senate inquiry

In a Senate inquiry about the said ad placement, Ben Tulfo faced the senators and courageously addressed Trillanes and dared him to look him in the eye and say what he said about them stealing the funds.

“Kaya hindi isinasauli dahil ninakaw e. Ang panghuhusga mo nakasira ng husto sa amin. Look me in the eye now, say it to my face.” Tulfo dared Trillanes.


However, what promised to be a very interesting “fight” between two fearless people who are not scared to speak their mind did not happen.

Senator Dick Gordon, who heads the Blue Ribbon Committee, interrupted Tulfo after he addressed Trillanes.

Apparently, in Tulfo’s anger, he started throwing dares to Trillanes right from his opening statement.
Gordon reminded him that he cannot address any of the senators, if he wants to, he can only address the chair.

“Let me at this point, admonish the witness. Opening statement lang ho ang hinihingi. You cannot address any senator directly. Kung gusto niyong magtanong, address the chair.”

Watch the video below:

What can you say about this? Would you want Trillanes to answer Tulfo?

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