Baby MJ And Mommy Marimar Finally Meet Through The Help Of Raffy Tulfo

The social media was shocked when a video went viral where a little girl identified as Baby MJ is mistreated by her pregnant stepmother, Berna Espina.

The highlight of the heartbreaking video is when the kid is asked who beat her, she directly pointed Berna, her stepmom.

The people are now happy that the biological mother got to hold baby MJ.

The Biological Mother Steps In

The office of Raffy Tulfo did not hesitate to take a course of action when the biological mother, Marimar Quilap Quilap asked for help from the team.

Now, a child abuse case is being processed against Berna Espina and baby MJ’s estranged father who did not even bother to doubt and let Berna beat his daughter.

CSWD Custody
Baby MJ is now under the custody of City Social Welfare and Development in Dasmarinas, Cavite. After days of treatment and healing in the hospital, DSWD has now the right for the child’s care.
But then later, Marimar again pleads help from Raffy Tulfo’s office to get the custody for her child or at least visit her for the meantime.

According to the Chief of Protective Services in DSWD, Lulu Rogado, they don’t allow any visitors yet for Baby MJ as there are assessments going on such as the trauma experienced by the little kid, her state of mental health, and revealed that the grandparent, who happens to be the mother of baby MJ’s father also applied for the custody of the child.

Added to that, Lulu also shared that MJ does not recognize Marimar as her mother which is quickly denied by the latter. And that they have met and bond during hospital days.

They Finally Meet

With a constant communication and pleads from Raffy’s office, Baby MJ and Marimar finally meet in the office of CSWD in Dasma. The mother sends her kid with cute dresses and toys which MJ absolutely enjoyed and played.

Watch the video here:

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