Atty. Glenn Chong’s Supporter Bravely Confronts Comelec Spox Jimenez On Election Fraud

Comelec spokesperson James Arthur Jimenez was confronted by a man from Pangasinan who said that he went to Manila when he saw Atty. Glenn Chong’s revelation about the Comelec-Smartmatic Election fraud.

The man said that he went there to witness the answer of Comelec himself. Because he was giving them the benefit of a doubt.

He also said that if indeed, they were able to present a counter answer to Chong’s allegations, then he himself would call Chong off. But no, no answer was given by the Comelec and he is not going to have it.

Verification and Checking

The video started with the man asking Jimenez if they have already checked if the allegations of Chong was true. And yet the answer that was given to him was that it will be checked.

This didn’t sit well with the Chong supporter. He sarcastically said,
“So, it’s too hard for Comelec to check? With all its machinery in tact, sa dami ng tao dyan, hindi nila kaya basta icheck yung audit logs na yun.”

To which Jimenez answered that he can’t answer outright.

“Hindi kasi pwedeng padalos dalos ang sagot dyan.”

And then the man proceeded in sarcastically saying how huge Comelec’s budget is and how they will need maybe a year or so to check the audit logs that was in question last August 1.

Better than America

Next, he mentioned that one irritating thing that all voters should be asking answers for.

He went on in saying how there was no electricity plugged in Ragay Camarines Sur, and yet there were votes that were transmitted a day before the elections.

“Saan nanggaling ang transmit nung May 8?”

He said that if Comelec was able to answer that, he would have called off Chong, however, he got no answer.

He even sarcastically said how much better we are compared to the United States, where 10 minutes after the election, results are up. While in the Philippines, a day before the elections, votes are in.

“Talo pa natin America. Ang America, 10 minutes after (sic) election transmitted na ang votes. Tayo, BEFORE elections, transmitted na ang votes!”

Watch the video here and see how this man confronted Jimenes with the media around. I wonder how the media will paint this man after.

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