Atty. Glenn Chong On Today’s Senate Hearing: “Nakaisa kayo ngayon pero sa maling paraan”

Former Biliran Congressman and TanDem ( Tanggulang Demokrasya ) lawyer Glenn Chong took to Twitter to air his grievance on the ongoing Senate hearing on the alleged election fraud in the last 2016 national and local election.

Blatantly Ignored

Lawyer Glenn Chong, a known advocate of electoral reform, decided to walk out in the middle of the hearing since he felt he was not being given the right to speak by the committee. He argued that he tried raising his hand numerous times in a desperate attempt to be heard, but the committee seem oblivious of his requests. In exasperation, he stood up from his seat and decided to leave the chamber.

The hearing stemmed from the privilege speech by Senate president Vicente “Tito” Sotto III exposing the alleged irregularities in the 2016 elections. This includes early transmission of votes, and doubtful foreign remote access to servers. Atty. Chong reinforced Sotto’s claim through the system logs that was in his possession. When grilled on where he got his data, the fearless lawyer surprised everyone by proving that the data he has was in itself provided by COMELEC.

The Denial

As expected, COMELEC and Smartmatic vehemently denied any errors on their part, much less the anomalies such as the secret servers and the early transmission of votes.

The outspoken TanDem lawyer also accused the Liberal Party of threatening him that they will skin him alive, but confidently said that he is not cowering in fear, rather he is present at the senate hearings to show he is not afraid of anyone.

Below is the statement of Atty. Chong on twitter.

  Source: Twitter

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