Atty. Glenn Chong Made Mincemeat Of Former Comelec Chair Brillantes In Their Radio Confrontation

In a radio program of DZME 1530 that was broadcasted last August 11, 2018, the radio hosts invited former Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes, Atty. Levi Baligod and Atty. Glenn Chong. This is to clarify the issue of electoral fraud that allegedly happened in the 2016 national elections.


At the onset of the radio program, the guests were allowed to give their opening speeches. Atty. Glenn Chong started by stating his qualifications, saying he is a CPA – lawyer and he has been an election reform advocate for more than 8 years, longer than most Comelec commissioners who were appointed for their post.

It included former commissioner Sixto Brillantes who was just appointed commissioner on 2011 and retired in 2015.

Obvious Animosity

Interestingly, it is quite obvious that the clean election advocate and the former Comelec chairman shared a mutual animosity towards each other. When former Comelec chair Brillantes took his turn to say his opening piece, he started his barrage of maligning Atty. Chong’s person.

He commented that the expose of Chong was just made up and urged the lawyer to present the witnesses otherwise all of the accusations are nothing but hearsay. Glenn Chong, who maintained his calm and respectful demeanor throughout the radio program, replied that the allegations thrown at him by the former chairman are baseless.

He confirmed that the sources of his expose would be presented in the next hearing to further substantiate his claims.

You can watch the full video here :

Lies And Alibis

Throughout the radio program, it is pretty clear that Glenn Chong has all the answers to every question hurled against him, either by the hosts or Brillantes.

On the other hand, former commissioner Brillantes seem clueless and resorted to sarcastic remarks just to evade tough questions that would incriminate him and his buddies in the Comelec.

Public Opinion

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who the netizens support regarding this issue. Based on the comments on the Facebook page of DZME 1530, it is filled with overflowing support for the advocacy of Atty. Glenn Chong.

Many people have lauded him for his strong will and his unwavering dedication to uncover the perpetrators of the obvious fraud in the 2016 national and local elections.

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