Atty. Chong Drops Another Bomb Saying He Has A Senator Friend That Can Attest To Election Fraud

Election fraud whistleblower Atty. Glenn Chong has issued yet another bomb that could change the game. According to him, he knows a senator who can explain the anomaly that was done in the 2016 national elections.

Senator friend

In an interview with Kuya Daniel Razon’s program “Get It Straight with Daniel Razon” last Monday, Chong mentioned that he has a senator friend that knows and believes that the election in 2016 was indeed fraudulent.

Another revelation Atty. Chong dropped was that even the senators are acknowledging that there was fraud. It was what they talked about in of the executive sessions.

As we all know what happens inside an executive session stays there as they are sworn to secrecy.

Taking the risk

Asked why the senator friend told Chong about what transpired in the session, Chong said that the senator took the risk.

“And I’m taking the risk by exposing it to the public,” Chong added.

He also said that if the senator will deny and leave him hanging, he doesn’t care.

“Kung ilaglag niya ako (if he will deny or denounce me), so be it.”

Years of study

After being a victim of the election fraud himself, the fearless atty. dedicated time to study the system of the automated elections.

He spearheaded the election watchdog Tanggulang Demokrasya which primarily aims to scrutinize the systems and processes imposed in previous elections.

He differentiates manual between automated elections

“In manual elections, manual din ang dayaan. They are always susceptible to perception. Nakikita,”
But with automated elections Chong said,”Wala ka talagang laban (You stand to lose) because all the cheating will take place within the machine.”

“In 145 PCOS machines meron na po siyang laman na 4,114 na ballots before election day,” Chong said, “I can point that out.  Sa audit log po (ng PCOS) makikita, sir. The log is the detailed list of all the transactions happened within the machine,”

Watch the whole interview here:

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