Arrogant Man Terrorizes Salesladies For Replacement Of Belt He Already Used For 3 Months

A video of an arrogant man terrorizing and threatening some sales staff to replace a belt he purchased three months ago went viral recently. Was he trying to bully those salesladies into replacing his belt? Or he is really just stupid to not know of the return policies?

Return and Replacement Policy

I think most of us consumers know that whenever we buy something, we have the right to return defective goods. RA 7394, or the Consumer Act of the Phils. Clearly state that customers are entitled to a return or refund, as long as there are hidden defects in the quality of the goods or imperfection in a service.

Typically, stores allow returns for as long as seven days, as long as you present the original receipt.

Arrogant Customer

In a video posted by netizen Che Che, it can be clearly seen that the arrogant man was wrong in so many ways. First, he is returning a belt he purchased three months ago. You can obviously see on the picture that the belt was used up. If the belt he bought was really defective, he should’ve returned it as soon as he discovered the defect, and within the seven days return policy of the store.

Second, he should not be treating the sales lady like trash; he should never threaten them in any way.

Third, he was heard cursing the poor sales ladies who were just doing their jobs. There might be a saying that “customers are always right”, but that doesn’t give customers the right to bully and curse those salesladies.

Enraged Netizens

The post garnered a lot of views and was shared all over the net. The netizens were enraged over the actions of the man and didn’t mince words to express their anger. Here are some of their reactions:

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