Arnold Padilla Who Went Viral When He And His Wife Assaulted Traffic Enforcers Got Arrested

Just recently, a CCTV footage where a couple with their bodyguards were seen assaulting MMDA enforcers went viral.

Today, a raid was conducted at their home where grenades and illegal firearms were confiscated.

Avoided by law

Just the fact that they have bodyguards were reason enough for people to doubt and be curious as to what they are and why they need them.

The statement of the MMDA officer added weight to it. The officer said that Arnold Padilla and his wife, along with their bodyguards are avoided by the enforcers. When they see their car, they do not reprimand them.

However, in the video that went viral, Padilla and company were using a different car that the officers didn’t recognize.


It was found out after the said video went viral that Padilla has pending cases filed against him like murder and other crimes.

This prompted the police to secure a search warrant to search Padilla’s home.


Videos and photos of the raid were released on Facebook. The first video shows them, apparently just coming back home. The wife is telling Padilla not to go down the car, but he did and he talked to the reporters and authorities.

Another video was released where a cupboard inside their house was being searched.

When it was time for them to open a cylinder-like container, they were asked to be careful as it may be dangerous. It turned out to be true, it was a grenade inside the cylinder.

Padilla was reasoning with the authorities that those were not theirs, but he was still arrested and will be charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives.

Here are some photos of the said raid from PTV:

TINGNAN: Lalaking kabilang sa nanakit sa mga traffic enforcer, arestado matapos ang isinagawang raid sa kanilang bahay sa Magallanes Village, Makati City. Kinilala ang suspek na si Arnold Padilla. Nakitaan si Padilla sa kaniyang bahay ng illegal firearms at grenade. Kakasuhan ang suspek ng illegal possession of firearms and explosives.

Nagsasagawa rin ng search and warrant operations ang pulisya sa sasakyan ng suspek. Pinangunahan ni NCRPO Chief Guillermo Eleazar ang operasyon.

Netizens are happy that the justice system in the Philippines is slowly becoming fair. Unlike before where only the rich people are being saved.

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