Another IT Expert Stated The Obvious Rotten Truth About Comelec-Smartmatic Election Fraud

In the second hearing regarding the alleged Comelec fraud, an IT expert was called to speak. While he was talking, he couldn’t contain his anger at how the “other people” are acting as if they know what they are talking about, when in fact, for the IT professionals who know their trade, it is obvious what the truth is.

Another truth

In the comment section where a clip of the said IT expert gave his side, a Facebook user named Maynne Millares left a comment that validated what the IT expert said.

Millares worked as a System Administration for four private companies and he gave three valid points that made the people realize how rotten Comelec and Smartmatic are.

First, the very obvious fact is that foreign servers shouldn’t be meddling with the election results. Amazon also has nothing to do with it because corporate confidential files such as a national election should not be uploaded outside of the country.

Second, he mentioned the changes that are being used as a reason. He said that when rolling out any changes to any system, this certainly is not done on a live system. This is the reason that they have test servers. This is where they roll out changes, in case something happens, they won’t risk damaging the live system.

Last, he mentioned an obvious fact. We have great IT professionals and companies in the Philippines. Why did the Comelec opt for a company from Venezuela who was in fact rejected by their own government to handle their elections there? Shouldn’t that be a red flag that there is something rotten going on?

His comment was agreed upon by a lot of people and he is being commended in the replies.

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