Another Comelec Anomaly Exposed By A Doctor Who Attempted To Run For Senator

A doctor who attempted to run for Senator last October 2016 midterm elections exposed an anomaly in Comelec.

2016 Elections

Dr. Anacleto Belleza Millendez, uploaded a live video on Facebook detailing how corrupt the Comelec is. According to Dr. Milendez, he filed a certificate of candidacy for the 2016 midterm senatorial elections under KBL or Kilusan ng Bagong Lipunan.

Millendez detailed how he and another official candidate of KBL went through a needle’s hole just for filing a candidacy. He personally vouched on how corruption really starts from the Comelec.
He told of how the Comelec is running unfairly and with money’s assistance only. That means they only favor those who can give them money.

Pay per voter

After several weeks after filing a candidacy, Millendrez said that they received a letter from Comelec saying that they are disqualified for running as senator because they don’t have enough money to mount a national campaign.

Clearly, Comelec’s criteria is that a candidate should have a lot of money before running. Millendrez gave a computation that a candidate should have allocated P10 per voter to be accepted by Comelec.

Modus Operandi

Aside from that, he mentioned how Comelec operators started to text and contact him discreetly, these operators are asking for proof that Millendrez has P200 million to ensure that he will win the elections.

He said that he was told that he will be placed in the 7th spot once he showed proof of the P200 million because the first 6 has already paid are already candidates. Also according to him, these 6 were members of the Liberal Party.

This, according to him is proof that Comelec can be paid and that those that were elected in the previous administration were all results of this.

Watch his video here:

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