Agency Ripped Filipina OFW Of Remittance For Her Family, Feeds Her Once A Day

Another OFW in Riyadh is being maltreated not by her employer but by her fellow Filipino working for her agency. She was duped of her remittance from her family and was living in inhumane conditions at the agency office.

A Safe Haven

Aside from the Philippine Embassy, for those unfortunate OFWs who were victims of maltreatment from employers, their other refuge is to go to the agency who hired them and ask for their help. The agencies are the ones who are privy of their employee’s situation so they are the ones who can give immediate help.

Agency From Hell

Unfortunately, there are some agencies who, instead of helping their employees, are the ones who take advantage of them, and in some cases, treat them with disrespect and dupe them from their hard earned money. It’s doubly disheartening if it is a fellow Filipino who’s been doing all this deed.

In a Facebook post by netizen Luega Diopan Liezel, she narrated how an OFW was given inhumane treatment while she was staying in her agency’s office. She was not given enough food and was reported that they only feed her once a day.

She also complained about the money she was supposed to send her family. The agency insists that they have already sent the money, but she found out that her family did not receive any centavo from them.

Arrogant Filipino Employee

On the viral video that was viewed for more than 250k times and shared 16k times, you can clearly hear our fellow Pinoy, arrogantly saying that no one can help her, not even the embassy, nor the social media. He also said that he was not afraid of Tulfo, or the president for that matter.
You can watch the full video here.

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