ABS-CBN’s Karen Davila Criticized Yet Again For Her Latest Twitter Boo-boo

ABS-CBN correspondent Karen Davila received flak yet again for her most recent social media fail which earned jeers and laughs from the Twitterverse.

In her desire to criticize President Rodrigo Duterte for his alleged attack on the church, she compared the fate of Carlos Celdran to that of the president.

Wrong Comparison

In her tweet, the award-winning broadcast journalist complained about why the SC upheld the decision to convict Mr. Carlos Celdran of offending religious feelings whereas the President has clearly cursed the church and is not being sued for it.

The simple answer, which an award-winning journalist like her should have known beforehand, is that Mr. Celdran is guilty of violating Article 133 of the revised penal code, which only prohibits cursing or offending religious feelings if done during a celebration of religious ceremony, or in a place of religious worship.

Outside of these situations, offending religious feelings is not punishable by law.

Dwindling Credibility

Despite the numerous likes from her supporters, many of the more cerebral personalities in Twitter made a fool of her because of her careless tweet.

Some of her critics jeered her because of her ignorance of the law, which is somewhat unbecoming of an award winning broadcaster and journalist like her.

Many have professed that she has lost her credibility as a journalist in her desire to topple or detract the current chief executive.

A Sound Advice

A few people actually gave Karen Davila some good advice to refrain from posting misleading tweets since she has a lot of followers and she has the responsibility as a journalist to remain neutral and not be biased, and most especially to be factual on all her tweets.

One of them is social media personality Sass Rodrigo Sassot, who called out to Davila about her Tweet.

Sassot took to Facebook to report what she wants to say to Davila.

Other netizens also lambasted Davila on her Twitter account.

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