5-Minute Girl May Face Possible Revocation of License, Disbarment And Imprisonment

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) called for a press conference this morning to address the issue regarding the woman who went viral last night for arguing with the MMDA enforcers when they tried to reprimand her for illegal parking.


According to the press conference, when they were asked what the action of the MMDA would be after what “5-minute-girl” did, it was mentioned that they have already filed a complaint against her to the Land Transportation Office.

Following the investigation of the complaint, she may be facing a suspension or revocation of her license because of how she acted.

Legal measure

The MMDA legal department was present at the press conference. He explained that a complaint was already filed, but they are still studying what criminal charges to file against the perpetrator.

When asked what possible charges should the girl expect, the lawyer said that she may be filed a case of direct assault, which is when you directly assault a person of authority. This is punishable by imprisonment.

When it was mentioned that she is a lawyer, the MMDA legal dept, said that she may also be facing the possibility of disbarment for what she did.

LTO Sanction

In the LTO’s side, they said that the administrative side of the cases will be their priority first. The complaint was already filed and an investigation is now on the way.

LTO will be taking action against the complaint.


The end of the viral video shows how the MMDA enforcers just let the driver go without taking any action.

Sir Bong, also explained that he did not walk away, he was, in fact, talking to the lawyer and the police, so that they will not be attacked technically.

He also mentioned that he was the one who called the chase off. His reason is that all the parties are already emotional. They will just file a formal complaint against the driver.

In the end, let us take this as a lesson.

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