5-Min Boy? Ferrari Driver Tried To Ran Away From MMDA, Unbelievably Asked For His 5-minutes Grace Period

Metro Manila Development Authority has tight execution in terms of traffic law. In order to help and give commuters a safe and smooth passage, vehicles that are illegally parked are apprehended and worst, if the driver is not present in a given specified time, that is the time where towing services come in the picture.

The Illegally Parked Red Ferrari

Later today, a Ferrari was apprehended by an MMDA officer for illegal parking, however, while the ticket isn’t yet released, the driver rushed and tried to run away escaping the officers.

Luckily, traffic has its good side somehow, he was caught by the MMDA officer.

Where’s My 5-minutes?

The funny thing is that the driver was also looking for his 5-minutes grace period. Rings a bell for the 5-minute girl who went viral last week?

On every operation, Bong Nebrija see to it that he oversees every apprehension made by the officers. He was able to talk to the sports car driver and later found out that the latter was only ticketed for illegal parking and disregarding the traffic sign.

However, the Ferrari driver’s license was later confiscated due to reckless driving. In which may result to damages and accident in the road ahead.

No Video Yet

Netizens are waiting for a video from Gadget Addict as he was seen in the pictures covering the entire situation. As of this writing, no video is uploaded yet but everyone is hopeful to see the scenario.

Though GA said that GMA also got a footage of the incident.

Nebrija’s post

Earlier today, photos of the incident were posted by Nebrija.

Here are the photos:

Watch the video report of GMA below:

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