United People’s SONA Group Graded Duterte “Zero” For Doing NOTHING For The Country In His Last Two Years

The most historic and dramatic State Of The Nation Address could be accounted to yesterday’s event when a plot twist in the House Speakermanship delayed the main event.

However, expectedly, rallyists came in rain or shine to call out the President and the administration’s failure to enhance life but to drag the country to a low life quality.

United People’s SONA

Rallyists had their own version of SONA along Duterte’s speech delivery in Batasan Pambansa. In a report of TV Patrol, Doris Bigornia reports that the United People claims that the state of life of every Filipino does not get any better ever since the Duterte administration.

Different groups gather for a United People’s SONA to make an outcry for justice and enumerate the government’s various offenses against the people.

The Event

Just like the typical SONA, the group has its own director and crew. Held in front of St. Peter’s Parish, the clergymen and church leaders went out to attend the event at exactly 3 pm. Moreover, the group did not cause traffic delays in the afternoon, whereas a lane is already closed by 2 pm.

The Problems

The various groups voice out its sentiments on injustices where poor people do not get fair justice when rich and money-making major drug lords are still on the loose.

Added to that, the intervention to the justice system and the growing issue of human rights violation which is said intended by the President, the TRAIN Law, and above all, the red tape and corruption that is long been happening in the government.

The group want the President to be held responsible in all the crisis mentioned.

Apart from that, the group claims that the president shall, instead of pushing through Charter Change and the drug war, the latter should focus on enhancing the lives of the people by ending contractualization and impose additional wage.

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