Teachers Broke Through QCHall To Protest Against The Mandatory Drug Testing For All Teachers

A group of public school teachers created a human chain at the Quezon City Hall as they protested against the plan of the government to conduct a mandatory drug testing to all teachers in public schools.


Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN

The teachers in the video seem to be ready for violence as they fight their way inside the barricaded part of Quezon City Hall.

Guards and railings were deployed to keep the protesters off but they still were able to pass through, they were shouting that there are more pressing matters to attend to rather than putting them in question for using drugs.

One teacher who was interviewed said that they do not agree because they feel insulted at being blamed that they are using drugs.


Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN

Meanwhile, the mandatory random drug testing of DepEd in the country is continuous.
So far, out of all the 3,200 teachers that were tested, 5 of them tested positive.

Asec. Nepomuceno Malaluan, the spokesman of DepEd explained that the mandatory random drug testing is mandated by both the dangerous drugs law resolution and the civil service commission.
Furthermore, PDEA’s data shows that from July 2016 to June 2018, there were 21 teachers who tested positive for drugs.


D/Gen. Aaron Aquino from PDEA admits that though 21 is a small number, it still should be considered of utmost importance.

Because once a teacher is using drugs or is a drug pusher, then his market will be the students. Another thing, you can’t really conduct a lesson well while under the influence of drugs right.

What the teachers need to understand is that they are not being suspected that they are using drugs. The government just needs to weed out those who are indeed using drugs.

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