Steve Rogers: “Duterte is making the Philippines better than the USA”

Steve Rogers, a former talent manager of Holywood stars expressed his belief that President Rodrigo Duterte is making the Philippines better. Even better than the United States of America.

In a long but meaningful post, Rogers stated that he was amazed by the policies that Duterte has been putting up, especially the city ordinances about people loitering in the streets.

The American who has a Filipina wife said that as Filipinos, we should all be thankful and grateful to the President, no matter what part of the world we are in.

Better than the US

As a start, he said that the ordinance is even better than many US cities ever had. He also explained that there weren’t even arrests, only for those who are violators.

What Duterte is doing is better than many U.S. cities. Thousands of tambays have been arrested in Manila alone but Duterte did not order for any arrests. Only those who are violators. Mistakes can also be made and can also be cleared up. Some people say well, tambays sit at our Sari-Sari stores to buy cigarettes, alcohol, snacks and that brings in business. However as everyone knows these stores only profit one – two Pesos from each product sold on the average.

No reasons at all

Along with the long post, Rogers also slammed the narrow-minded reasons of those who are plainly just against the president and are saying that these tambays are helping small businesses like sari-sari stores earn.

However, he mentioned that these business owners can’t get a decent sleep with drunk tambays outside, the young ones and senior citizens are forced to endure the noise of the late night happenings of those who loiter.

But what about the Sari-Sari store owners who usually have family members living in that house that have a job that need good sleep for the following days work? They can not get it with a group of drunks outside. What about the senior citizens who own these businesses that have younger family OFW members sending them funds to support these stores? These senior citizens need sleep. Also, they can have medical problems and can not get up every two minutes to make a one-two sale. Then, let’s not forget the very young children who help their grandparents with sales and need sleep to go to school. They are the future of the Philippines. It’s they who are seeing this happen and want no part if it. They want what Duterte is working on daily, a first world Philippines.

The only solution

Of course, his post would not be complete without offering the best solution that every Filipino should just be following. After all, it will all be for the growth and progress of the Philippines.
He told people to get a job, attend a job fair, observe silence and go home at 10pm. Pretty straightforward and simple, right?

For those who are guilty of this here’s how you can help yourselves, others, your country and even when your a President Duterte supporter or not. Get a job. Attend a job fair. Observe silence, go in your home at the 10:00p.m. curfew and watch T.V. play a game, make sure your children have what they need for school the next day. Do this and your wife will not come looking for you to bring you home late at night putting themselves in danger. We all know there are still some drug pushers and addicts out late so why on earth would anyone (unless it’s something such as a medical emergency) subject their families to that. The job of a husband and wife are to be rocks for each other to lean on for support, their parents plus children. It was not to have OFW family members send money so that some can sit around all day and night drinking and taking drugs.


After all that, he said that it all comes down to one thing. Which is to have proper discipline in every life event. Stop adding to the problems of the Philippines and start being the positive change. Your family, children, grandchildren will love you for it.

Above all that will help the most out of this and all problems will be for all to use a hard dose of discipline in every life event. If there’s anything that will bring a family down like a ton of bricks it’s a drunk and a drug addict within a family. Stop adding to the problems of the Philippines and start being the positive change. Your family, children, grandchildren will love you for it. To not do so means that you only have yourself to blame. Nothing wrong at all with having a drink from time to time in a responsible, respectful, disciplined manner after a hard days or weeks work. But the time has come to get with the program. Why am I so firm on this subject. Because it was on one Christmas that a group of drug addicts/pushers and drunks surrounded the front of my families home and almost murdered us.

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