Senator Ping Lacson Gave A Very Clear Analogy About President Duterte’s Human Lives vs. Human Rights Statement

When President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a statement on his 3rd State of the Nation address for his terms where he said that he thinks of human lives more than human rights, he was faced with negative comments and lash backs saying that human rights are the same as human life.

The reason of these people is that a human’s life is his right.

Lacson’s analogy

In a tweet, Senator Ping Lacson shared his view about what the president said. He likened it to the way they used to consider kidnap victims’ lives their number one priority and the human rights of the criminals second.

A notion that close-minded people can’t seem to understand.

Poor comprehension

In the comments section, an old lady who clearly had a mind that was closed to anything pro-Duterte left a comment trying to look smart.

A staff of Senator Lacson replied to her explaining that the senator never mentioned killings of the suspect, he simply implied that the number one priority is to keep the kidnap victim safe, that is more important compared to the rights of the kidnappers.

To which she replied something that made people scratch their heads. So that means that no matter what the context is, just as long as the senator agrees with the president then she would still consider the former wrong?

Another poor comprehension of a close-minded citizen is this one.

This was replied to by a netizen who understood.

Finally, some sense

Good news is, not everyone was close-minded, and some comments made some real sense.

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