Schools Asks Students To Shut Up About A Student Who Passed Away On Their School Premises

A Facebook netizen, Aleks Nicole posted a picture of her friend who recently passed away due to some instances happened in their school.

The grade 7 student, Joshua Banila went flatline when a grade 10 student struck the younger kid right at the nape twice. The incident happened when the victim is currently watching a badminton game on the school grounds.

The suspect

The victim lost consciousness right after being thumped by the grade 10 student who was identified as Angelo Regaspi. Moreover, Aleks shared that the latter was born on Feb 1, 2000, which means that the suspect is no longer a minor.

Regaspi was currently under the care of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), a government agency which handles cases involving minor children.

The Shocking event

After the shocking event, the students around rushed the victim to the school clinic but no doctors or nurses available.

It is unfortunate for the student not to get even a first aid treatment from the school, which could save his life at least.

The unavailability of health carers in the school clinic made the students decide to rush the victim to the hospital instead. Worst, he was pronounced unresponsive and lifeless upon arrival.

School’s Response To The Case

According to Aleks, her friends in school shared that the principal announced that there should be no social media posts regarding the matter and should not be tackled right on different internet platforms. Worst reminder from the school principal, act as if nothing happened.

Right now, the school grants financial needs to the victim’s family but then, this case should not be something to set aside. This issue should be heard and the victim deserves justice after all.

Aleks calls for justice for her friend Joshua against how the school treated the isolated case into something that should not bother everyone in the school. The event took place at Aurello Arago High School in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro.

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