President Duterte Urges The Public To Replace Noisy And Arrogant Senators

Since President Rodrigo Duterte sat in power, senators and anti-administration groups have been noisy and arrogant. Everyone is trying to destroy what he is planning, and every policy that he has made is met by negative criticisms.

Senatorial elections

Now that the senatorial elections are near, the president urged the public to choose wisely and replace the noisy and arrogant senators, especially those in the minority block of the Senate.

He also hinted that these politicians are the ones who haven’t done anything for the country yet, but they are the ones who won’t stop yakking.

“The others should be replaced. They are noisy and arrogant. Anyway, what have they done for our country?,” 

Davao’s peacefulness

If ever the oppositions and critics will ask him what he has done, the president has a ready answer for them. He would highlight how progressive Davao is right now.

Duterte was known to the public because of his strict implementation of City ordinances in Davao, like curfew and anti-smoking policies.

“Visit Davao. Go around Davao for 24 hours. Inday imposed a rule that nobody is allowed to be out and about on the streets by 12 midnight. Everyone will be arrested. So everybody stays at home. Davao is so quiet. Everybody feels like Good Friday,”

Liberal Party

The Liberal Party are planning to “unify” all the opposing groups to create a coalition that will be stronger than the senatorial candidates of the Duterte administration.

Amongst the known Liberal Party representatives that will run for senator are Senator Bam Aquino, Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano, and Agot Isidro.

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