Police Authorities Filed A Case Against The Men In Viral Video Who Physically Abuse A Mentally Ill Kid

The viral video wherein a mentally incapacitated teenager was beaten to death and worst, pushed to pitch black creek has reached the attention of the authorities and the social media. The event happened in Barangay Tejero in Cebu.

Looking back, the minor kid was physically abused by two men, while the teenager was seen in rage and acting not in the right state of mind.

The Suspects

According to reports, the minor was caught red-handed for stealing, hence a reason to teach him a lesson. The identified suspects are Sherwin Obsequias and Jay-R Deguitos.

Obsequias, the bearded man in the video was the one who pushed the kid to the dirty creek, meanwhile, Deguitos was the one physically abusing the kid by hitting him with a wood and giving the latter several punches.

In an interview with Sherwin, he pushed the minor to the waters just to save him from any harm from the mob around that time.

Authorities Came In

With the help of social media, the authorities are able to track down the suspects.

The Police Regional Office 7 will file child abuse against the perpetrators, however, they are not subject for an arrest anymore as the event happened last May.

Moreover, the person who caught the video will stand as a witness as he did not inflict any harm on the poor mentally challenged teenager.

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