Pinoy Nurse In London In Danger Of Being Deported Because Of His Twitter Post Of A Photoshopped Duterte

A Filipino working in the United Kingdom may lose his high-paying job just because of a post that he uploaded on Twitter.

This is if the UK and the Philippine governments take action on the complaint of Londoner, Pinoy-at-Heart Duterte supporter, Malcolm Conlan.


Defamation is when a statement that can potentially or likely to cause harm to individual’s or business’ reputation is posted for the public to see, and then it was proven false.

JR Castillo, an OFW working as a nurse in the UK did just that. He posted a photoshopped photo of President Rodrigo Duterte lying down with his eyes closed as if he had passed away.

In another post of Castillo, he said that the president should rot in hell.

Londoner and Duterte supporter, Malcolm Conlan didn’t find it amusing, along with other netizens.

Plea to the government

In a lengthy post, Conlan called out to the governments of UK and the Philippines to take action to what Castillo posted.

In his post, he said that he was reluctant to post it because he wanted to protect Castillo from harm.
However, because of the seriousness of the post, Conlan believes that he has the right to call out to the government to take action on this.

He also said that as a Filipino, even if you don’t believe or agree with the policies of your current government, you should still respect him.

Meanwhile, in the comments section, netizens also are angered and weren’t too shy to air their side.

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