OFW Forced By Employer To Sleep Inside Truckhead Without Salary And Food Even After His Contract Already Ended

An OFW working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is asking for help so he can go home to the Philippines.

Plea for help

A Facebook user named Jose Carlos posted a video wherein he is asking for help from anyone who can help him go back home to the Philippines.

According to him, his contract is already done for his client but the client still refuses to let him go home. What is worse is that he is not being given his salary.

He also said that when he starts asking about his salary and mentioning how he wants to go home already, his employer gets mad at him.

Inhumane treatment

According to Carlos, his employer just wants him to work on his projects and more projects after that to gain money, without paying him his salary.

The mean employer is not even giving him food. Carlos said that he is just scrounging for food from his fellow Filipinos in the area.

And then he showed where he was left sleeping. His pitiful state is apparent in the bunk he showed. He is forced to sleep on the driver’s area of the drilling vehicle he uses.

He also showed his kitchen, on the side of the truck.

And his bathroom just a few steps away from the kitchen.

We are calling out to those who can help this man. May he be helped so he can go back home to the Philippines as soon as possible.

He mentioned that he no longer has money to buy food when his stash runs out.
Watch his video here to know where you can extend help.

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