NPA Communists Plans To Oust Duterte In October, AFP Advices The Government To Stop Peace Talks

The Armed Forces of the Philippines recommended that the peace talks between the government and the rebel communists CPP-NDF be stopped, due to a threat of ousting President Rodrigo Duterte on October.


The AFP revealed that the CCP-NDF has a plan of ousting the president on October. This gave way to the pleas to stop the peace talks.

This information came from the confiscated documents and testimonies of the former communists who surrendered to the government.

The AFP added that the communists are just using the peace talks to buy time for them to strengthen their forces more.

Who is manning them?

It is a common assumption that someone in the opposition or another group is manning the NPA, but as of now, the AFP has yet to reveal who.

Meanwhile, Bayan Muna Partylist Congressman Carlos Sarate thinks that this is just the government”s excuse because they can’t give in to the peace talks agreement.

“Itong mga statements na to parang naghahanap ng rason ang Duterte administration lalo na ang security division. Para umatras.”

Double cross

The NPA communists do not only engage in double-talk, but they actually want to double cross the government. This is according to the AFP.

As of this writing, it is still unclear what the palace’ side is on this.

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