Netizen Slams Bam Aquino For Blaming Duterte’s Drug War In Tanauan Mayor Slay

Bam Aquino has something to say to the government about the killing of Mayor Halili of Tanauan Batangas yesterday, and netizens are slamming him for it.

During Tanauan’s flag ceremony, their mayor was assassinated and shot in the chest in broad daylight and with a lot of people watching by what they expected to be snipers.

Blame Game

After which, the senators were quick to pin the blame to the government. Stating that it is not safe here in the Philippines anymore.

One of the senators who took advantage of the tragic situation is Senator Bam Aquino. He immediately had a statement about what happened, and he conveniently linked it to his aim to destroy the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Photo Credit: News5/Facebook

“Kaliwa’t kanan ang patayan kahit sa harap ng maraming tao. Wala nang pinipili ang nagiging biktima. Opisyal ng gobyerno, pari, tambay wala nang ligtas sa panahon ngayon. Kailangan natin magsama-sama upang labanan ang kultura ng karahasan, para sa ating mga anak at para sa bayan.”

People won’t have it

Naturally, people were pissed. One of them is netizen named Mon Cualoping who took to Facebook to air out what he thinks about Senator Bam’s quick blame pointing.

He started by saying that we are all saddened by what happened to Mayor Halili. However, as a senator, he must not be quick to pass the blame, especially to the government.

When was Senator Bam Aquino born? Yesterday?
Just like him, yes, we are saddened and enraged with the killing of the Tanauan Mayor. However, as a Government official, the Senator must not be quick to pass the blame. Rather, he must solidify his role as a Legislator to establish mechanisms for a safer Philippines.

Cualoping then talked about the killings, which were never really proven to be caused by this government directly. In fact, since Duterte sat down, the crime rate has lessened.

If only Bam did his research, he would have known that.

Killings were never fabricated by this Government. It has been happening and in fact, the tough stance on law and order of President Duterte has led to reduced crime rates in the Philippines.
Has the good Senator bothered to check historical data, the post-Martial Law data to be precise that includes two Aquino presidencies?

I heard Senator Kiko Pangilinan has a similar statement. The yellow brand of politics is so toxic! Counterproductive and divisive, fear-mongering that anyone who is not aligned with them is a tyrant! Well, Noynoy Aquino was such when he was President.

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