Lumantas to De Lima: Accepting The ”Prize for Freedom” Award Shows That You Have No Delicadeza

After a recent news broke out that Senator Leila De Lima got an International award, particularly called as “Prize for Freedom,” Monching Lumantas who is an Ateneo de Davao University alumnus hits back to the senator.

Is the Prize For Freedom Fair?

Lumantas find the award and the Liberal International biased and unfair this time. He enumerated the past known leaders who have received such an award, apparently who happens to deserve the prestigious merit. According to Monching, in 1985, Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, the first State Counselor of the land received an award from the award governing body for fighting for freedom and going against the military. On the other hand, come 1986, the former president Corazon Aquino brought back the liberty and democracy of the Filipinos after the long reign of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Protector of Criminals

Today, upon learning that the same award will be given to De Lima, the Ateneo De Davao alumnus doubts the Liberal International’s credibility. He instills how De Lima protected the criminals, reminds the people how many lives and families are shattered and went devastated for letting shabu circle around the whole country through partnering with high-profile drug lords despite being detained in the New Bilibid Prison. As such, she abused the position to get advanced on her political ambitions.

Added to that, the most stuck in this crisis are the youth who went disoriented because of drugs. Furthermore, the senator was also intrigued for having infidelity with her bodyguards and driver and made them as courier and bagmen. She had a lavish lifestyle in exchange for the morality of the Filipinos’ already indulged with drugs.

Listed above are just many of the things that De Lima should answer to the Filipinos, according to Monching Lumantas.

Unsolicited Advice

Lumantas calls out Senator Leila De Lima to clear her name and prove her innocence in court before receiving the prestigious award. And that accepting it without even proving herself in the court of law means that she has indeed no “delicadeza.”

Photo Courtesy: Monching Lumantas

Senator De Lima has been widely known as the critic of President Duterte and the incumbent administration. She has then consistently called out for human rights since the drug war’s campaign started.

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