British Expat Predicts Incoming Scheme Of The Opposition To Bring Down President Duterte

A British expat warns everyone on a Facebook post about a horrible news that would put the Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte to blame so he will lose his presidency.

The warning

Nigel Locke, currently living in Cebu city recently posted on his Facebook account about a prediction that he has. He is warning everyone to be strong psychologically because there will be some unpleasant news to expect in the coming months.

He hinted about the Liberal’s plans towards the country and how they are plotting to ruin the administration.

A scheme

Locke, in his post, detailed that the aim to spread news of violent acts, bombs, and assassination is to spread fear and panic to the people of the Philippines and turn the blame to the presidency.

Photo Credit: News Portal Philippines

He also mentioned that this is a desperate move from the Liberals, communist and allies of Duterte’s enemies to oust the most loved President of the Filipino to give the position to their puppet Leni Robredo before the PET recount result kick her out of the Vice-presidency position.

Various acts of violence are to be expected from these parties, they are desperate now. And they have to act fast.

Read his post here:

We can expect some very nasty news here in the Philippines over the next few months, so brace yourselves.

Why is this? The tiny minority of Liberals, communists and allies are desperate to oust the most popular, most successful President in the world and install their puppet Leni Robredo before she is kicked out of that VP position by the PET recount.

They will conspire to commit various acts of violence, bombs, shootings even assassinations just to spread fear and panic. No target is off limits. They may even sacrifice their own.

They will shout and scream through their pet media that it is all Duterte’s fault. 
There is a word for this. Terrorism. 
Be vigilant and stand firm.
Pray for the safety of us all and the President.
May their evil plans be thwarted and their actions revealed to the world so that they might face justice.

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