An Ambulance Patient Didn’t Make It To The Hospital, Enforcer Got Angry When Confronted “O kayo magtrapik! Porket ba ambulansya gusto niyo paliparin ko kaagad?”

An Abad Santos MTPB loses his life as the ambulance where he is in was stopped and issued a ticket by a fellow MTPB.

Every minute of a person’s life is important, especially during emergencies. This is why there is a protocol to let ambulance with patients inside pass through the road without interference to avoid delay and so they can bring the patient to the hospital in time.

Stopped and ticketed

In a video taken by the ambulance driver, it can be seen that he is in a heated conversation with the MTPB in question.

Apparently, because traffic was building up, even when the ambulance is clearly in a hurry, the MTPB enforcer still signalled the ambulance to stop and even issued then a ticket when they did not follow.

The driver of the ambulance was trying to get to the hospital in time for his patient to make it.
However, the MTPB officer wouldn’t be budged. He was reasoning that he needed to make the ambulance stop because traffic was building up.


No matter how hard the traffic is, if you are driving another vehicle, then you should do everything you can to let an ambulance pass. On the other hand, if you are an enforcer, you should be the one making way for the ambulance to pass through.

This enforcer clearly does not understand that. In one point of the video, he was even heard asking,
“O kayo magtrapik! Porket ba ambulansya gusto niyo paliparin ko kaagad?”

The driver of the ambulance explained what happened. That the patient did not make it to the hospital, and if the enforcer was in his shoes, would he want to be stopped?

And then the enforcer got angry and shouted about being disrespected.

What kind of logic that this man have?

Watch the video below:

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