WATCH: Former CJ Sereno Grilled In A BBC Interview With Stephen Sackur

The political challenges in the country are one of the hot topics in the social media and even in the international community today. Looking back, it all started as President Duterte came in and his nationwide drug-resistance fight wherein thousands of lives are taken, and people are crying out for the exercise of human rights.

Following the removal of CJ Sereno from the Supreme Court, the former chief justice attends opposition rallies, calling out the people to join the walks against the President. In a recent interview with BBC News on HardTalk segment with Stephen Sackur via satellite, Sereno claims that her situation highlights structural issues specifically in the justice system. Through her fate, people have found their voices to fight for democracy.

Screenshot via: BBC HARDtalk/Youtube

Sereno On Duterte’s Presidency

During the interview, Sereno states that President Duterte attacks different institutions of the government as he came in. She then adds that Duterte once said that he used to plant shreds of evidence way back when he was a prosecutor. According to the former chief justice, the relentless attacks of the President on government offices is a move to weaken the democracy in the country.

Screenshot via: BBC HARDtalk/Youtube

Moving Away From Politics

Sackur says that Sereno once said that she will stay away from political issues, however, the woman made pronouncements after Aquino’s term and made critics against Duterte’s strategies. Asked why she made political comments against drug crackdowns and criminal liabilities for government personnel involved in drugs, Sereno replies that such move isn’t a political comment but a reminder.

Explaining further, the woman adds that she reminds that point persons shall observe the judicial process and that she has the right to do so because she’s in duty to protect the judiciary.

Martial Law, Constitutional Guarantees, and SALN issues

Stephen shared that a Chief Justice in the USA is not bound to make political comments regarding high profile individuals and wonders why Sereno do such thing against the President regarding martial law and constitutional issues. Still, she answered that her pronouncements are just reminders. Furthermore, Sereno aired her side that her remove in the judiciary is unconstitutional and the SALN issue is her past and shall not affect her qualification.

Screenshot via: BBC HARDtalk/Youtube

Loss Of Confidence

Sackur reiterates that the decision of the judges is a clear distinction that they have lost their confidence with the former chief justice. The man adds that Sereno sounds like a political and die-hard opponent of Duterte, to quote. Still, Sereno presses on the context of respect, democracy, and being the voice of the people against the larger issues in the government.
Watch the video here:

Stephen Sackur to Sereno: You’re sounding very much like a politician and a die-hard Duterte opponent than a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court._____Here's the video of the "Hard Talk" interview with former CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno by BBC journalist Stephen Sackur.Video Courtesy of: HardTalk_BBC
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