Photo Of Rambutan Vendors Whose Children Sleeping Inside The Cart, Melts The Heart Of The Netizens!

Parents always put their children as a top priority and put themselves second. They always make sure that their children’s needs are provided and they’re in good health to the point of sacrificing their own happiness.

Parenthood is not easy as some may suppose. They’re individuals who toiled so much and even some of them work abroad just to give their families a comfortable life back home. However, there are still parents who work so hard but still can’t give the needs of their children.
A photo of a rambutan and corn vendors recently went viral on social media that truly melts the heart of many netizens. What is more surprising is that they’re hiding something inside their cart.
While the husband sells grilled corn, the wife watched over the rambutans and their two children sleeping in the rambutan cart. A netizen named Shair Joy Mendelez took snaps of their condition and posted on the Facebook page ‘All about the Philippines’ and wrote that the vendors were living in the Divisoria area, Manila.

According to the post, no one will look after their children so the couple was forced to bring their children with them in the market while doing their business. Their story immediately went viral on social media and caught the attention of many netizens.
Moreover, Shair Joy narrated that while strolling in the market, her eyes spotted the rambutan cart. She went up close to make sure of what she saw and talk to the vendor about their situation. Mendelez then bought 5 pieces of grilled corn and 3 kg of rambutans to help support the family’s business.
She also asks the local residents to help them by visiting and support their business as well. Netizens who saw the post expressed their sympathy and said that they wanted to help the family.
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