Paula Defensor Knack Got Fed Up With Priests Insulting PRRD During Mass: “Hindi grandstand ang simbahan!”

Paula Defensor Knack, a legal political advisor and the sister of the late Miriam Defensor Santiago, called out to the priests who are using their sermons as their window to insult President Rodrigo Duterte and the current administration.

Theology and beyond

In her post, she cleared it up that what she was saying is her personal opinion and not the opinion of her relatives or anyone else.

Paula Defensor Knack/Facebook

She said that when she was young they were taught to respect priests. However, when she grew older, she decided that it was time to think critically.

This is the time when priests started meddling with politics. Instead of teaching the way of the Lord, they are using their sermon time during mass to throw insults to the government.

She also called out that they should not be starting a revolution because they finished studying Theology.


When I was young I was taught to respect priests. But when I grew older, I decided to be more criticial. The priests have only 1 college degree. They SHOULD TEACH ONLY THEOLOGY NOT REVOLUTION ! Ginawa nyong HOBBY EH ! Kaya pati kayo, SERMONAN KO RIN !

In the growing rift between politics and religion, this made it in the middle, because not only did she call out to the priests for making the church their window to start a revolution and persuade people to go against the government, but she also quite politely called out to the president in another post that she called sermon number 1.

A call to the president

The sermon that she gave for the priests was sermon number two, because there was a sermon number 1, and it was directed to the president.

This is MY PERSONAL OPINION and not my relatives’.

I have to react to this because the news here is that PRRD insulted religion. THATS NOT NICE REALLY even if he did not violate law. The news abroad keeps repeating the “stupid God” thing and its annoying to read because the PH is my native country. It hurts more when youre abroad.

But I still support the President because I made that decision after he won the elections. That support will not stop until he finishes his term. So take me for what I am. I am a product of religious parents and I went to Mass daily in Makati as a lawyer and I was lector for many, many years.

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