Old Racist Lady Harassed A Filipina And Her Family In A Supermarket In California

An old American Racist went viral when a Filipino posted a video of her friend being harassed by the seemingly irked American lady.

Supermarket Racist

A Facebook user named Danika Aquino posted the video saying that her friend, Jenny Vela was in their local Lucky Supermarket when they were harassed by the old racist lady while checking out.

Screenshot via: Danika Aquino/Facebook

Earlier today our close friends went to our local Lucky supermarket store in Daly City & as they were checking out this old racist disgusting hag was behind them harassing them and making racist comments towards them. This is exactly what America has turned into and we need to put a stop to people like her!

Screenshot via: Danika Aquino/Facebook

This, according to her is what has become of America, and it just goes to show that this is not an isolated incident. It means it happens more than once for her to say that.

Selfish Racist

The old woman was insisting that the Filipino family were stealing their (American’s) food, money, jobs and that they better go back to their country because America isn’t their home.

Screenshot via: Danika Aquino/Facebook

“Come on, come on, come on, look at all the groceries they buy.”
“Go back to your country!”
“Oriental people here? You guys are making the streets dirty.”
These are just some things that the old lady said when she started talking behind Jenny and her family. Alfred, Jenny’s Mexican-American husband was there too and they just couldn’t believe what the woman was saying.

Netizen’s point

A lot of netizens got angry at the lady and some gave some valid points. When this old lady ends up in a nursing home, Filipino people will take care of her, and she’ll see how we love humanity and that we are not what she thinks.
Billy Barde Don’t worry old woman! Your closer to be in a nursing home and most asean nurses will take care of you ! Then you will realize how these people respect humanity.
Maricar De Luna Maranca Let’s see pag dating nya sa nursing home who’s going to take care of her.
Leny Mingao Vidaja Soon she’ll be on home of the elderly and the one who will take care of her is a filipina ngayon alams resbak

What can you say about the old lady’s behavior?

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