MMDA Officer Uses Force To Scare Driver And Onlookers

A video of an MMDA officer using force to make a jeepney driver go down his vehicle, despite the driver being heard that he did nothing, has surfaced on social media.

People who vowed into a profession of public services are expected to always be on top of their game all the time.

One mishap can lead to suspension or booting out from their work. Examples of these professions are police officers and road safety officers.

Road rage

Was it road rage or officer rage? The MMDA in question was seen holding what looks like a tube to scare the jeepney driver they stopped.

It was clear that the officer was already hot-headed and was losing his patience already. It became more apparent when he saw the person taking the video.

In a rage, he went over to the person taking a video and threatened him by saying don’t take a video.

There was even a part of the video where it looked like the MMDA smacked the video camera of the one taking the video. After that, he just returned to their vehicle and seemed to use his phone.

Continuous rolling

Even when the officer went back to the other side of the road, the person taking the video kept on filming.

It can be seen that the person looks like he is hiding the camera from the officer.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think about this MMDA officer.

Fight fire with fire

A person from the team of the MMDA even got angry and went over to the person taking a video and took a video himself.

It is unclear what he will do with it though, because they were the one in position and they were the showing rage.

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