MJ Puts Rappler’s Maria Ressa Painfully Back Into Perspective

Maria Ressa of Rappler fired another attack against President Duterte and his administration. She tweeted that there are at least 33 deaths in the Philippines. She took it from the overall count for a whole year and probably divided it into 365.

Rappler has been known for publishing news that is against the current administration. It seems that they would do anything to make it go down.

Ressa’s Tweet

Along with an article, Ressa captioned it when she published it on Twitter with “At least 33 killed daily in the Philippines since Duterte assumed office.”

MJ Bites Back

MJ, who is known to be a supporter of President Duterte and an avid debunker of fake news was happy with Ressa’s post. In fact, she was so happy, she shoved an embarrassing info in Ressa’s face.

Ressa’s source

Rappler released this news, no doubt to show how the War on Drugs of the President is taking a toll on the country.

Based on the data gathered from PNP documents, from July 2016 to June 2018, an average of 33 people is killed on a daily basis. The count was based on the total murder, riding-in-tandem killings and homicide cases combined. Not all of these killings, however, are drug-related. A big chunk of these killings (43%) show that the motivates behind the crimes have yet to be determined.

This, along with the photo of MJ, just goes to show how these media are manipulating the news that people hear and see.


Netizens were happy to see how Ressa was put into place by MJ with a simple photo showing that what Rappler posted was nonsense.

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