Fearless Lawyer Slams Christians: “True Christians don’t condemn DU30 on ‘stupid-God’ remark”

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Atty. Ruphil F. Bañoc, the fearless Cebu lawyer and opinion columnist of Cebu Daily News has something to say to the Catholic leaders and followers castigating President Duterte for his “stupid God” remark.

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Atty. Ruphil Banoc/ Photo credit to the owner

Two Principles

He started by saying that bringing up religion in debates takes the exchange to no end. Even in college debate subjects, students are asked not to include God in their rebuttals, because then, the component won’t be able to argue. Bañoc mentioned the religious debates in Freedom Parks, too.
Let me clarify that if we engage in a religious debate, such topic will have no end. Have you noticed the religious debates at the Freedom Park or anywhere? So we better respect each other’s beliefs.
Bañoc took a look at the issue at two principles. First, is the legal aspect where he said that it is the right of people.
First, on the legal aspect, freedom of religion is a fundamental right enshrined in Article III, Section 5 of the 1987 Constitution.
Second, is the religious part. Where there is a freedom to believe and a freedom to act in accordance with such belief. He also mentioned that the freedom not to believe is also covered.
The freedom of religious profession and worship involves two principles: 1. Freedom to believe, which is absolute, and, 2. Freedom to act in accordance with such belief.
So, whoever your God — Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahshua, Yahweh Elohim, Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, Ecleo, Rizal, Satan, etcetera — such concept or belief is within the bounds of the law in line with the first principle. It also covers the freedom not to believe.

Forced belief

Bañoc also mentioned that in saying that his God is perfect and the Catholic God is stupid, Duterte didn’t violate any laws. His faith, therefore, should be respected.
When Duterte said his God is perfect, and he questioned the God of Catholics, following the teaching of creation in relation to the original sin, he has not violated any law. His faith must be respected. He cannot be forced to believe in Buddha, Allah, the God of Catholics, and etcetera.

Catholic’s perspective

From a Catholic’s perspective, he understands that what Duterte did is disrespectful, but then he asks, is it enough to lambast the president?
Because even those who mocked and crucified Jesus were forgiven by him, “Forgive them for they do not know what they do.”
If Jesus forgave, why are the Catholic leaders condemning?
He ended his article with a powerful question:
As sincere Christians who really know the teachings, do you condemn and castigate the president? Don’t you instead pray that he will be forgiven and enlightened?

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