DU30 To Kadamay Over The Forced Taking Over Of Housing Units “Yung mukha ko sinusunog ninyo. Tapos maghingi ka sakin ng bahay? *** niyo, problema niyo yan”

President Rodrigo Duterte has a very special message to the Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) who just recently took over a housing site in Montalban that was meant for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

We deserve this

A little more than a year ago, the same group with 8,000 Kadamay families took over a housing site by the National Housing Authority (NHA) and forcibly settled into 6,000 units that were not meant for them.

Just a week ago, they took over another housing site that was meant for the AFP in Montalban.
Their reason? They are poor people that the government are not helping. They say they are the neglected ones.

In your face

As if our president is going to fall under these threats, he went on and addressed Kadamay in his speech.

The president mentioned that when they first took over a housing community in Bulacan, he just told his policemen to let them be. After all, they are also Filipinos and they can have it, instead of starting a fire.

“Wag na ninyong pakialaman. Ibigay nalang natin, pareho kayo Pilipino, pobre rin.”
“I hope it will not be repeated again.”

But it happened again

But now that they took over another community, the president is not having it.

He said he is willing to put people’s lives at stake. What are less than 10 people compared to the good of the majority?

He said that he told hi policemen that they can fire but don’t let the Kadamay get to them first.
Then he addressed them.

“Ngayon sino ang gusto niyo magtulong sainyo? Yung mukha ko sinusunog ninyo. Tapos maghingi ka sakin ng bahay?”

“Sinusunog niyo, pag ganito may SONA. Gawain niyo yan pero wag kayo maghingi ng tulong sakin.”

Law and order

The president went on in saying that he has a police force and the military whom he ordered to maintain law and order in the country.

“Kung madisgrasya kayo, problema niyo na yan.”

Do you agree with the president? Watch the video below.

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