Caught On Cam: NBI and PACC Entrapment Of Alleged Corrupt Makati BIR Officials

An alleged news blackout was implemented when a reported entrapment against corrupt Bureau of Internal Revenues (BIR) officials that were meeting somewhere in Greenhills got caught by the joint efforts of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) along with the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission (PACC).

Leaked photo

A photo of the said entrapment was posted by a Facebook Netizen named Jojie Claudio. In his post, he explained that the photo is of “Makati BIR officials busted by NBI and PACC In a joint entrapment operation yesterday.”

In the photo, it can be seen that a bundle of 1000 peso-bills were stashed inside a brown envelope. It will assumingly be given to the officials after they are done eating.

However, it never went through as the NBI and PACC intervened. It was also said that the officials were already in surveillance by the NBI for a week prior to being caught last Thursday.

Immediate inquest

Five hours after the photo was posted, Claudio followed it up with another photo. This time saying that immediately after the entrapment, an inquest was done, to investigate upon the matter.

Again, there was an alleged media blackout on this.

It is still unknown if the one who received the money and the one who gave it are among these men in orange shirts.

Furthermore, the names of those who are officially caught and being reprimanded are not yet known.

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