Barbers Calls Out For Mandatory Drug Testing For 292 House Members

Surigao del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers is counting on the House leadership to consider adopting a policy that would comply all the 292 House members to undergo a mandatory drug testing even if the Supreme Court declared that it was illegal.

Lawmakers on Narco-list

Barbers said in a radio interview that he thinks that it is about time for the Lower Chamber to adopt the policy of mandatory drug testing.

Robert Ace Barbers (Photo credit to owner)

“Kung ito (mandatory drug test) ay magiging isang polisiya ng leadership ng House lalong mas mabuti na kaming lahat ay magpasailalim sa isang drug test,”

Voluntary testing

The only time that a lawmaker or someone in the government can be subjected to drug testing is when they volunteer for it.

Barbers recalled that before the opening of the 17th Congress in July 2016, he voluntarily underwent drug test to show to his constituents that he is serious in his fight against illegal drugs.

He also believes that all elected officials should volunteer.

“Sa aking palagay, sama mo na dyan mga congressmen, mga senador, mga governor, mayor. Lahat ng elected officials, sa aking paniwala ay kailangang ipasailalim sa drug test no at ipakita o i-announce sa publiko ang resulta ng drug test na ito,”

War on Drugs

Since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office, his War on Drugs also started. However, he came to a realization that he couldn’t deal with the issue fast because the drug syndicates were already rooted deep inside the government’s tent.

While all government employees cannot be subjected to a mandatory drug testing because the SC says it is illegal, it makes us wonder how will the War on Drugs infiltrate the root of drugs inside the government if that is not allowed?

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