A Barangay Kagawad Orders A Cellphone From Lazada But Got An Empty Bottle Of Antibiotic Instead

A barangay kagawad took a video while he was opening a package he bought from Lazada, fearing that he may be scammed because he had watched a similar incident where a victim bought from Lazada only to receive a boxed rock.

His instincts were right

While opening the box, he was telling the delivery man that he should take a video because of the similar incident he had watched.

All the while, he was saying that he thinks that the package was too light to have a cellphone inside.

Photo Credit: Pronie Gulapa Hipolito/Facebook

His doubts were confirmed when he was able to open the box to see a bottle of empty amoxicillin.

Photo Credit: Pronie Gulapa Hipolito/Facebook

“Sabi ko na nga ba” he exclaimed.

Photo Credit: Pronie Gulapa Hipolito/Facebook

Photo Credit: Pronie Gulapa Hipolito/Facebook


There were speculations that the video was fake due to the fact that the package was not properly sealed, however, to prove them wrong, the kagawad posted a transaction record from Lazada of the said item he ordered.

Photo Credit: Pronie Gulapa Hipolito/Facebook

He also mentioned that he is a regular buyer of Lazada and he didn’t see any reason to suspect the packaging that he got in the video.

A lot of people also vouched for him that he has been in public service for three terms already and he wouldn’t ruin his name for one cellphone.

Aside from that, the one taking the video is the representative of the delivery service. If they knew that there was something wrong, for sure they wouldn’t risk their jobs by taking that video for the customer.


About three hours after he posted the video, the kagawad sent an update that a representative from Lazada called him and that they were apologizing and they promise that they are looking into the said matter.

Watch the video below:

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