Pinoy OFW Nagpahayag ng Pagkadismaya sa mga Taong Sila na nga ang Pinadalhan ng Pasalubong sila pa ang Maraming Reklamo.

This OFW expressed his frustrations on social media for those people who don't appreciate their gifts or pasalubongs.

Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are those people we considered as today's heroes because of their sacrifice and courage to work abroad in order to provide for their families. They endure the feeling of being away from their loved ones, long days of work, even the mean treatment of their employers because of one big reason, FAMILY.

But recently, a Pinoy OFW shared his dismay towards ungrateful people on social media.

Raymond Lopez shared on Facebook, directly addressed to those unappreciative and ungrateful people who receive their gifts or pasalubong. He said that OFWs is not obliged to give chocolates, soap, perfume or any pasalubongs. He also highlights that OFWs went back home to rest, to have recreation and to be with their loved ones, not just to bring and give gifts.

Working abroad is not what most people think or assumed to look like. If others think that it is easy or a privilege, it is beyond that. Little did we know, they are facing struggles and difficulties just to stay and finish their contracts. They even celebrate holidays and special occasions all by themselves.

Hopefully, Raymond’s post will serve as an eye-opener, especially to people who have a relative or family member who works overseas, to always be thankful for them whether they received small or big gifts. Show some little appreciation!

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