BABALA: Bagong modus gamit ang Facebook Messenger, kumakalat!

In today’s digital age, everything is made easy for all of us. From researching information, connecting with friends, securing a cab to drive us to work and even ordering food, everything is just one swipe and click away.
Aside from being a blessing, we all know that this digital advancement could also be a curse to us, users, as culprits also find a way to use it to take advantage of people. Just like the experience of Facebook user Vanessa Joy Barrion who fall victim to predators who hacked her messaging application in order to extort money from her friends.
According to Vanessa, it all happened when she was busy and was not able to check her social media accounts for almost 2 hours. Suddenly, a friend called her husband to confirm if she is really asking for some money based on their exchange of conversation through Facebook messenger.
Vanessa could not remember any message she sent to that friend on that day, baffled by her friend’s call, Vanessa decided to check her Facebook Messenger only to see that her account has been messaging some of her friends and asking money.
It turns out that Vanessa’s account was actually being hacked, the hacker even turned off the Messenger’s notification so she will not be notified if there are messages coming in.
Vanessa tried changing the passwords of both her messaging and email application but the culprit could still find a way to get it.
She now decided to share her story on social media to warn other netizens of possible hacking incident and money extortion. Read her full post below:

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